The La Tortuga restaurant is located in the neighborhood of Samiguel, a few steps from the port. This village is just 10 km. from the capital of the council (La Villa) and half an hour from the city of Xixón.

The historic center of Tazones is recognized as a Site of Cultural Interest. with the category of Historical Set, highlighting its architecture by perfectly maintaining the structure of the fishing village, with corridor houses literally hanging from the narrow streets and always looking towards the sea. The port currently specializes in inshore fishing and that was famous for whaling and other goods that were distributed in many ports of Spain and Europe (France, England and Holland, among other countries), still maintains significant activity acting as axis of hotels, restaurants and other establishments filling the main street.

Other highlights of the village are the lighthouse (1854), the Casa de las Conchas (Home of the Shells) and the beach located next to the port (We can find dinosaur footprints on the shore).

The San Roque celebrations are the 15th, 16th and 17th of August. It is on the last of those days when the landing of the Emperor Charles I, arriving from Flanders on 1517, is recreated into its historical sense. This event is officially considered of Regional Turistic Interest.
The origin of the name of Tazones would like Xosé Lluis García Arias explains in his book “Asturian towns: why their names” in the latin word Stationes (Puertu).

L’aniciu del topónimu de Tazones taría, como desplica Xosé Lluis García Arias na so obra “Pueblos asturianos: el porqué de sus nombres”,  nel llatín Stationes (puertu).