“La Tortuga” is a family restaurant that takes 48 years run by Maribel Alonso Gallego. Before Maribel was his mother, Aurora Gallego, its visible head; La Tortuga is strongly linked to the history of Tazones.

So, before becoming a restaurant run by Aurora and Maribel, “The Turtle” was a bar where sailors stood back from the sea to drink cider or wine. Also the name of the local nickname refers us to an old owner, which it is said that on one occasion caught a turtle: So everybody called him “the one of the turtle”.

While “La Tortuga” has grown into a cozy restaurant for visitors in recent years , the weight of its history continues to leave its mark on many architectural details, as well as the fact that it remains a regular stop for the residents of Tazones, especially the people of the sea.

And it is precisely this point which makes “La Tortuga” a special restaurant, because it will have access, at different times of the year, to the freshest products that arrive with the boats to the port. Thus, each of the seafood that is prepared with love in their kitchens, come from the same port that we have few steps of distance.

Therefore not surprising that “The Turtle” is a well-known establishment among people who enjoy the seafood.